Angela is married to Saro, and for years shares his Mafia life of drug dealing and easy money. She is his wife, his mistress and his confidante. The life she leads fascinates her, she likes the luxury, the money and above all, the risk. When she sees Masino for the first time, she mistakes him for an undercover cop. But he becomes her husband's right-hand-man and she and Masino begin a passionate and tormented love affair. "Angela" is the story of a woman and her life in the solitude of a world of laws written by old men. It also paints the fresco of a world both cruel and disarming, where men are constantly forced to deny their own true feelings.

Year: 2001
Genre: Foreign Language Films, Italian Cinema
Country: Italy
Director: Roberta Torre
Starring: Donatella Finocchiaro, Andrea Di Stephano, Mario Pupella
Duration: 90 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Italy)



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