From director Atom Egoyan ("The Sweet Hereafter") comes a provocative examination of the consequences of truth and denial. While working on a film about the 1915 Armenian holocaust by Turkey, a young man confronts his feelings about his estranged family and how the genocide touched his life. Terrific ensemble cast includes David Alpay, Eric Bogosian, Arsinee Khanjian, Elias Koteas and Christopher Plummer.

Year: 2002
Genre: Art House Cinema
Country: Canada
Director: Atom Egoyan
Starring: David Alpay, Charles Aznavour, Eric Bogosian, Brent Carver, Marie-Josee Croze, Bruce Greenwood, Arsinee Khanjian, Elias Koteas, Christopher Plummer
Duration: 115 Minutes
Rating: R13 - Violence and content that may disturb.
Location in store: Art House Cinema



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