George Stevens: D-Day to Berlin

Think of World War II Europe and black-and-white newsreel images likely come to mind. But the war unfolded in colour. And that's how Academy Award-winning director George Stevens ("A Place in the Sun") captured it in this acclaimed compilation of the personal wartime diary he filmed while on the frontlines. George Stevens, Jr. produces and narrates this triple Emmy-winning look at a world at war. From the Normandy invasion to the East-West link-up of troops at the Elbe, from the excitement and danger of the liberation of Paris to the horror of Dachau, this rare document of history as it happened is a powerful and unforgettable experience, vividly augmented in amazing colour.

Year: 1994
Genre: Documentaries, War Docos
Country: USA
Director: George Stevens
Duration: 44 Minutes
Rating: R16
Location in store: Documentary (War)



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