Survivors: Series 1

Concieved by Terry Nation (the creator of the 'Daleks' and 'Blake's 7'), 'Survivors' is a groundbreaking and startlingly realistic television drama series. First aired in 1975 at the height of the cold war, 'Survivors' post-apocalyptic storylines immediately gripped the imagination of the British public and remain compelling to this day. The first series of thirteen episodes charts the onset and aftermath of a virulent plague that wipes out 99.9% of the world's population and the struggles of a lone group of survivors during the privations that follow. This action series follows the experiences of three principal survivors: headstrong housewife Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour), enigmatic engineer Greg Preston (Ian McCulloch), and London secretary Jenny Richards (Lucy Flemming). Combines traditional adventure storytelling with a fascinating exploration of the social and cultural impact of the apocalypse: the absence of law and order; the importance of community and inter-dependence; and the sudden significance of self-sufficiency. The survivors' attempts to carve out an existence in their new and desolate world are absorbing and unforgettable. 13 episodes.

Year: 1975
Genre: TV Drama, TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, Armageddon!, Television Shows, Deluxe Box Sets
Country: UK
Director: Pennant Roberts, Gerald Blake, Terence Williams
Starring: Ian McCulloch, Carolyn Seymour, Lucy Fleming, Tanya Ronder
Duration: 650 Minutes
Rating: PG - Low level violence
Location in store: Sci-fi / Fantasy (TV)



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