Hamlet (Kline)

With a daring and depth few of his American contemporaries seem set to match, Kevin Kline has both starred in and directed "Hamlet" for the New York Shakespeare Festival. Now with the felicitous addition of Kirk Browning as co-director, he has brought his indelible "Hamlet" to television where, as The New York Times stated, "It is eloquent, moving and at times thrilling. The shrewdly edited version uses tight close-ups and captures small crowd scenes without a sense of confinement. The teleplay flows with commendable grace from beginning to end, all urged on by Kline's intelligent interpretation."

Year: 1990
Genre: Shakespeare, Alice's Playhouse
Country: USA
Director: Kirk Browning, Kevin Kline
Starring: Kevin Kline, Dana Ivey, Diane Venora
Duration: 173 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Alice's Playhouse (Shakespeare)



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