Agatha and the Storm

As proprietor of a bookshop in Genoa, the warm and intelligent Agatha dispenses literary wisdom to her adoring customers. When a younger man heeds her advice on books and falls madly in love with her, Agatha revels in the passion of the affair, creating an emotional energy that pops light bulbs! Meantime, Agatha's architect brother Gustavo has his life turned upside down by the revelation that he is adopted and the winds of change rage as Gustavo faces up to his past. The director of "Bread and Tulips" Silvio Soldini, returns with this colourful romantic comedy bursting with warmth and sincerity.

Year: 2004
Genre: Comedy Romance, Foreign Language Films, Italian Cinema, Romance
Country: Italy
Director: Silvio Soldini
Starring: Licia Maglietta, Giuseppe Battiston, Claudio Santamaria
Duration: 118 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex scenes.
Location in store: Foreign (Italy)



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