Moro No Brasil

To many of us Brazilian music and the Bossa Nova are one, but in this wonderful documentary Mika Kaurismaki pretty much ignores this genre in favour of the Forro, Frevo and Samba, exploring the Indian and African roots to the country's music through interaction with the real Brazilians who play it and live with it every day . An exciting and frenetically paced journey into a culture via its music, 'Moro No Brasil' will make you want get up and dance.

Year: 2002
Genre: Documentaries, Foreign Language Films, Music Capsule, Latin America Cinema, General Docos
Country: Brazil, Finland, Germany
Director: Mika Kaurismaki
Starring: Walter Alfaiate, Grupo Fethxa, Grupo Gleetwtxya, Children Fulni-o
Duration: 108 Minutes
Rating: PG
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Music Capsule



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