Sir Isaac Newton: The Gravity of Genius

By the age of 23, Sir Isaac Newton had laid the foundations for calculus, the laws of gravity, motion and inertia, and begun experiments on light. His major work, The Principia, has become to science what the Mona Lisa is to art. Isaac Newton has been called the Father of Modern Science. His incredible body of work represents arguably the greatest contribution to science ever made by an individual. But despite living at the vibrant center of an inspired social scene, his personal life was marked by loneliness. Explore the life of the man once called "the last great magician, the last great mind which looked out on the visible world with the same eyes as those who began our intellectual inheritance".

Year: 1995
Genre: Documentaries, General Docos
Country: USA
Duration: 46 Minutes
Rating: Ex
Location in store: Documentary (Biographies)



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