You'll Never Get Rich / You Were Never Lovelier

"You'll Never Get Rich" (1941) - An eccentric New York theater owner has his eye on the beautiful chorus girl Sheila Winthrop (Rita Hayworth). His wife has her eye on him. Sheila has her eye on the show's choreographer Robert Curtis (Fred Astaire). Having been discovered, the boss throws Robert into the middle of a comedic cover-up that eventually forces Robert to flee into the Army. "You Were Never Lovelier" (1942) - Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth and Adolphe Menjou star in this lavish 1942 musical set in Buenos Aires. Astaire plays a down-on-his-luck dancer who romances an elegantly cool Hayworth against the wishes of her suspicious father, Menjou.

Year: 1941
Genre: Musicals
Country: USA
Director: Sidney Lanfield, William A Seiter
Starring: Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, John Hubbard, Adolphe Menjou
Duration: 178 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Musical



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