Loop Select 005

This exciting compilation of New Zealand's creative culture, brings a wealth of local talent together to celebrate the amazing artistic endeavours that have helped to shape our music and film industries into globally recognised creative brands. Showcasing a collection of 9 music videos and 8 of the best NZ short films including Taika Waititi's Academy Award nominated short film, "Two Cars, One Night", Chris Graham's "Water", and Paul Swadel's "Infection". Also included: "Kitty", "A New Way Home", "Signing Off", "The Platform", "Pie Guy" and "Ritalin Rabbit".

Year: 2003
Genre: Music Capsule, NZ Short Films, Short Film Festival
Country: NZ
Director: Robert Sarkies, Robin Walters, Taika Waititi, Patrick Gillies, Michael Duignan, James Cunningham, Chris Graham, Mike Bridgman, Aaron Beck, Mikee Tucker, Jack Tucker, Ned Wenlock, James Barr, Peter Kostandelos, Edward Davis
Duration: 60 Minutes
Rating: M
Location in store: Short Film Festival



Permanent Collection

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