Loop Select 009

Another basket full to the megabyte max of conscious content. Music, short films, motion graphics, music videos and live concerts. The package features 25 songs, 10 New Zealand Short Films from the NZ Film Commission, 8 music videos and exclusive live clips from the likes of Fly My Pretties and Eru Dangerspiel, Jayson Norris. To download the 7 free bonus tracks, click on the SoundCloud link on the player located on the right side of the page. Loop Select Kono 002 is not available digitally. To purchase it physically, please click the buy link below. CD TRACKLISTING: 1. A Hori Buzz - Glitter in the Gutter 2. Isaac Aesili- Red Horizon ft. Deva Mahal 3. Benny Tones - Nevermind ft. Mara TK 4. Lewis McCallum - First Date ft. Francis Kora 5. Switch Sanchez Nacoa - Can’t Help It 6. Sola Rosa - Turn Around ft. Iva Lamkum 7. Tape Loops - Never Do That ft. Finley Quaye 8. The Nomad - Devil in the Dark ft. Julia Deans 9. jr kong - 6pm in the Morning 10. Coast - Woman 11. Red Bantoo - Breeze 12. Thievery Corporation - Truth & Rights 13. Ed Solo - We Play the Music ft. Darrison 14. Dutch Rhythm Combo - Venom ft. Joe Dukie & Hollie Smith 15. Zwicker - Made Up 16. Module - World Goes Round 17. Karlmarx - Mists 18. Eru Dangerspiel - Chilli Moules 7 TRACK FREE DOWNLOAD: 19. Tommy Ill - Johnny Rotten Appleseed 20. Yule - A Mess 21. jr kong - Train Spotting 22. Ivanhoe - Digits ft. Steve Mathieson 23. The Midnights - Conspiracies 24. Coast - Woman (Dave Grimus Remix) 25. Ghost - Postcards from the Edge DVD TRACKLISTING: SHORT FILMS Frosty Man & The BMX Kid Tama Tu Day Trip Coalition of the Willing Beached Take 3 Vostok Station Warbrick Roof Rattling Betty Banned Sweets MUSIC VIDEOS Rhian Sheehan - Part 3 Sola Rosa - Humanised ft. Bajka Isaac Aesili - With You In My Bed ft. Aaradhna Tommy Ill - Come Home Mr. Ill Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P. - Raver on Probation James Duncan - A Obvious Paul McLaney - Many More Days of Happiness LIVE Eru Dangerspiel - You Would Know Fly My Pretties - It’s Never Blown Like It’s Goin’ Jayson Norris - Time and Time Again Live Mystro - At Splore 2010

Year: 2010
Genre: Music Capsule, NZ Short Films, Short Film Festival
Country: NZ
Duration: 60 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains offensive language and sexual references.
Location in store: Short Film Festival



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