The Jackie Chan Collection

This collection of five films from legendary martial arts hero Jackie Chan includes: "Fantasy Mission Force" (1984) - A truly off-the-wall WW2 actioner with Jackie Chan as part of an elite commando team sent to rescue a group of Allied Generals kidnapped by the Japanese. "Master with Cracked Fingers" (1974) - A teenage Jackie Chan, in his first starring role, plays a young man who witnesses the murder of his father and, after honing his martial arts abilities with help from a hermit, tries to hunt down the killer. "Eagle Shadow Fist" (1973) - Jackie Chan star as a young man forced to resist the occupying forces. Forced to deal with more than the brutal Japanese army, he must overcome Japanese sympathisers and the broken spirit of his fellow countrymen. "The Young Tiger" (1973) - Young Tiger (Jackie Chan) is the leader of a gang, his boss is one of the main importers of illegal drugs to the area, but their operation is in jeopardy as a former member who wants out uses photos of their crimes to buy her way out. Also includes Jackie Chans "Fire Dragon".

Year: 1973
Genre: Hong Kong Cinema, Jackie Chan Films, Martial Arts, Action
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Hdeng Tsu, Chu Yen-ping, Zhu Wu
Starring: Jackie Chan, Brigitte Lin, Jimmy Wang Yu, Wang Qing
Duration: 390 Minutes
Rating: M
Location in store: Foreign (Hong Kong: Jackie Chan)



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