The Beautiful Country

Binh (Damien Nguyen) is an outcast in his Vietnamese village due to his mixed race. He is half American, but knows neither of his parents. Forced to leave, first he finds his mother working for an abusive white family, then, taking his half brother with him, he hopes to find a better life, and his father, in America. A powerful and epic story held together by Nguyen's exceptional performance, this film was produced by Terrence Malick and also features Nick Nolte, Tim Roth and Temuera Morrison.

Year: 2004
Genre: Drama, War and Anti-War Films
Country: Norway, USA, Vietnam
Director: Hans Petter Moland
Starring: Damien Nguyen, Nick Nolte, Bai Ling, Tim Roth, Temuera Morrison
Duration: 120 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence, offensive language and drug use.
Location in store: Drama



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