Tenko: Series 1 - Episodes 1 - 5

In 1941 the terrors of war-torn Europe seem far away for the small community of ex-pat Brits living in Singapore. But their privileged lives are soon to be shattered when the Japanese Army launches a devastating surprise attack. This is the powerful story of women thrown together by the chaos of war. Fearing for their lives, they must learn how to survive the harsh conditions and even harsher regime of the POW camp. Includes the first 5 episodes from series one.

Year: 1981
Genre: War and Anti-War Films, TV Drama, Television Shows, Feminist Tendencies
Country: UK
Director: Various
Starring: Stephanie Beacham, Ann Bell, Stephanie Cole, Louise Jameson, Eiji Kusuhara, Burt Kwouk, Patricia Lawrence, Veronica Roberts, Claire Oberman, Elizabeth Chambers, Emily Bolton
Duration: 258 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Drama (TV)



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