Blood and Bones

Japanese icon Takeshi Kitano plays Shunpei Kim, a Korean immigrant who comes to Osaka as a teenager in1920. Working at a fish factory, Kim claws his way out of poverty to become a father and leader in the immigrant community where he lives. But this is no feel-good, rags-to-riches story, Kim is a vicious brute whose rise to the top has been violently bloody and merciless. Based on one of Korea's best-selling novels, the director waited six years for his leading man, not wanting to shoot the film with anyone else.

Year: 2004
Genre: Drama, Foreign Language Films, Japanese Cinema, Based on..., Asia Extreme, Korean Cinema
Country: Japan
Director: Yoichi Sai
Starring: Takeshi Kitano, Hirofumi Arai, Tomoko Tabata, Jo Odagiri, Kyoka Suzuki
Duration: 140 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Contains violence, sexual violence and sex scenes.
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Japan)



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