My Sister's Keeper

Adapted from Margaret Moorman's book about two sisters struggling to come to terms with their mother's (Lynn Redgrave) death. Kathy Bates is Christine, suffering from bipolar disorder, she longs for independence and an 'ordinary' life. Elizabeth Perkins is her over-achieving sister, Judy, trying to incorporate the needs of her sister into her busy life. This sensitive and intimate portrait of a family benefits from its excellent cast and its avoidance of over-sentimentalizing.

Year: 2002
Genre: Drama, TV Drama, True Stories, Based on..., Television Shows, Disabilities
Country: USA
Director: Ron Lagomarsino
Starring: Kathy Bates, Elizabeth Perkins, Lynn Redgrave, Kimberly Brown
Duration: 99 Minutes
Rating: PG - Adult themes.
Location in store: Drama
This DVD requires a multi-zone DVD player



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