Who Laughs Last?: A Documentary About Roger Hall

One of New Zealand's best known playwrights, Roger Hall has been tickling the kiwi funnybone for 30 years. This documentary from Shirley Horrocks invites Roger and those who know him, including John Clarke and Ginette McDonald, to remember plays gone by from 'Middle Age Spread' to 'Spreading Out'. Find out why Roger believes marriage is more interesting subject matter than murder. Also presented is a special performance of 'Conjugal Rites' with Peter Elliott and Fiona Samuels.

Year: 2006
Genre: Documentaries, New Zealand Docos, Alice's Playhouse
Country: NZ
Director: Shirley Horrocks
Starring: Peter Elliott, John Clarke, Ginette McDonald, Fiona Samuel, Roger Hall, Grant Tilly, Dorothy McKegg, Jane Waddell, Ray Henwood, etc ...
Duration: 26 Minutes
Rating: Ex
Location in store: New Zealand (Documentary)



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