The Book Of Eve

Chronicles the life of Eve, who, on her 65th birthday, leaves her unhappy marriage and moves into the basement of a tenement building in the east end of Montreal. Though her prospects seem hopeless at first, Eve's eccentric assortment of neighbours help her assign new meaning to her life and go on with her future, even if it isn't the one she intended. Based on the novel by Constance Beresford-Howe and starring Claire Bloom, Daniel Lavoie, Susannah York, and Julian Glover.

Year: 2002
Genre: Drama, Drama Romance, Based on...
Country: Canada
Director: Claude Fournier
Starring: Claire Bloom, Susannah York, Julian Glover, Daniel Lavoie
Duration: 98 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains offensive language and sexual references.
Location in store: Drama Romance



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