Sharpe Vol. 3: Sharpe's Gold / Sharpe's Battle / Sharpe's Sword

'Sharpe's Gold' - Spain 1813, Major Richard Sharpe is assigned the task of trading guns for English deserters. He must pit his wits against El Casco. 'Sharpe's Battle' - Spain 1813, Sharpe is a hard taskmaster when he prepares the Royal Irish Company for their first battle. 'Sharpe's Sword' - Sppain 1813, Major Richard Sharpe has a mission to protect the master spy El Mirador from an assassin sent by Napoleon. Based on the best-selling novels by Bernard Cornwell.

Year: 1995
Genre: War and Anti-War Films, TV Drama, Based on..., Television Shows, Swashbucklers, Action
Country: UK
Director: Tom Clegg
Starring: Sean Bean, Darragh O'Malley, James Purefoy, Emily Mortimer, Ian McNeice
Duration: 312 Minutes
Rating: M
Location in store: Drama (TV)



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