In Iran, women are banned from sporting events, but during their country's 2006 bid for the World Cup, a handful of die-hard fans just can't resist seeing their team play. So they dress up like men. Unfortunately their ruse is seen through, and they are led away to a holding pen for the duration of the game. Masterfully directed by Jafar Panahi ('The Circle' and 'The White Balloon'), who asked the actresses to turn up wearing their own idea of a male disguise. There is almost no football to be seen in this 'sport film', yet the women and their guards play out their own game, as the 'prisoners' rail against the absurd situation they find themselves in. Humourous, illuminating and deftly making the political, personal, this film, like all Panahi's work, is banned in his home country.

Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Foreign Language Films, African & Middle Eastern, Film Festivals 2006, Sport Films, Feminist Tendencies
Country: Iran
Director: Jafar Panahi
Starring: Sima Mobarak-Shahi, Shayesteh Irani, Ayda Sadeqi, Golnaz Farmani, Mahnaz Zabihi
Duration: 88 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains offensive language.
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Africa & Middle East)



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