Point Pleasant: The Complete Series

When a violent summer storm slams into the beach town of Point Pleasant, it brings with it the unconscious body of Christina Nickson. She is rescued from the surf and taken to the home of a nearby doctor. Having always felt surrounded by a sense of 'wrongness', Christina is determined to figure out why. Yet the longer she stays in Point Pleasant, the greater the supernatural and deadly impact she has on the people around her - an impact that is destined to lead to the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. Cancelled before the first season was even over, this odd cross between 'Beverley Hills 90210' and 'American Gothic' nonetheless continues to enjoy a strong cult following.

Year: 2005
Genre: TV Cult, TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, Supernatural
Country: USA
Starring: Dina Meyer, Elisabeth Harnois, Richard Burgi, Grant Show, Cameron Richardson, Aubrey Dollar, Susan Walters
Duration: 585 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and sex scenes.
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