They Came Back ( aka Les Revenants )

One morning, a small French city wakes up to discover thousands of recently dead people walking into town. The reason why is a mystery and there is no time to look into it. Hasty reunions - some passionate, some strained - occur with their survivors. But can they be reintegrated into society when their jobs have been filled and their partners have moved on? As officials try to figure out what to do with them, the dead begin behaving in bizarre ways and it becomes apparent that the returnees are not exactly who they used to be. Robin Campillo's (co-writer of "Time Out") directorial debut is a provocative look at how society copes with grief and just how hard it is to let go.

Year: 2004
Genre: Horror Movies, French Cinema
Country: France
Director: Robin Campillo
Starring: Geraldine Pailhas, Jonathan Zaccai, Frederic Pierrot, Catherine Samie, Victor Garrivier, Djemel Barek, Marie Matheron, Saady Delas
Duration: 98 Minutes
Rating: M - Supernatural themes
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (France)



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