The Secret Life of Words

A remarkable, thoughtful drama staring Sarah Polley as a deaf factory girl who is persuaded by her boss to take a vacation. After travelling to the coast of Northern Ireland, she decides to spend her free time there volunteering as a nurse for severely injured oil rig worker Tim Robbins. Together, the pair help each other heal from their devastating life experiences. Winner of multiple film awards including 4 Goyas, the main industry awards in Spain.

Year: 2005
Genre: Drama, Disabilities, Film Festivals 2007
Country: Estonia, Spain
Director: Isabel Coixet
Starring: Julie Christie, Sarah Polley, Tim Robbins, Javier Camara, Sverre Ousdal, Eddie Marsan, Dean Lennox Kelly, Danny Cunningham
Duration: 115 Minutes
Rating: M - Content may disturb.
Location in store: Drama



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