Viva Maria!

Who doesn't want to see Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot costarring as turn-of-the-century vaudevillians who get mixed up with Mexican revolutionaries? This slapstick French-Italian co-production shows off the carefree side of co-writer/director Louis Malle to rousing effect. The two heroines play song-and-dance women who flirt with the striptease and end up fighting for the cause of Pancho Villa. Great fun, and what a way to see two very different icons of mid-century French cinema.

Year: 1965
Genre: Comedy, Westerns, French Cinema, Classic Comedy, International Showcase, Classic Cinema
Country: France, Italy
Director: Louis Malle
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, George Hamilton
Duration: 116 Minutes
Rating: PG
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (France)



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