Above and Beyond

This Canadian mini-series tells the story of Ferry Command, a civilian effort to escort bombers across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK during the darkest hours of the Second World War. Based in the Newfoundland town of Garner, the operation was top secret and the civilian pilots who ran the program received no recognition during the war, and very little after. Richard E. Grant, Jason Priestly, Liane Balaban and Joss Ackland star in this epic drama of unsung heroes that won the award for Best Writing in a Mini-Series from the Writers' Guild of Canada.

Year: 2006
Genre: Drama Romance, War and Anti-War Films, TV Drama, Television Shows, As Seen on TV - Drama
Country: Canada
Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Starring: Richard E Grant, Liane Balaban, Jason Priestley, Joss Ackland, Jonathan Scarfe, Kenneth Welsh
Duration: 171 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains sexual references.
Location in store: War



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