Hercules and the Princess of Troy / Atlas in the Land of Cyclops / Giants of Rome

Made in English as the pilot for a proposed Hercules TV series, "Hercules and the Princess of Troy" stars Gordon Scott as the heroic demigod, pitted against a giant sea serpent come to snack on its monthly sacrificial virgin. Next, titanic Atlas matches muscles with a Cyclops to save a baby and battles a sinister queen. But who's holding up the world? "Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops" stars Gordon Mitchell and Vira Silenti. Spectacular battles highlight the gladiator epic. "Giants of Rome" - The Eternal City is menaced by a secret weapon, and its top soldiers discover exactly what it is: a big catapult used by the Druids. Richard Harrison stars.

Year: 1965
Genre: Cult Classic, Classic Adventure, Action
Country: Italy
Director: Albert Band
Starring: Gordon Scott, Gordon Mitchell, Richard Harrison
Duration: 240 Minutes
Rating: M
Location in store: Classic Adventure



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