Son of Samson / Son of Cleopatra

Heeding an inner voice, the 'Son of Samson,' a loner from an outlying borough scourges the capital, using his high-caliber muscles to break up the Queen's tryst with those treacherous Persians. Mark Forest plays the hero who goes Old Testament to save Egypt. And, in a sword-and-sandal extravaganza, El Kabir, the 'Son of Cleopatra' and Julius Caesar, leads his Egyptian rebels against Roman oppression. When El Kabir's brother is imprisoned and killed, he kidnaps the daughter of the Roman governor, with whom he falls in love. Mark Damon is that Egyptian Robin Hood.

Year: 1961
Genre: Italian Cinema, Cult Classic, Classic Adventure, Cult Films / After Dark
Country: Italy
Director: Carlo Campogalliani
Starring: Mark Forrest, Mark Damon
Duration: 180 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Classic Adventure



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