The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

Jimmie (Tommy Lewis), an Aborigine man of mixed racial heritage, faces prejudice and abuse in 19th-century Australia while performing the lowliest menial jobs he can obtain. With new burdens of marriage and fatherhood thrust upon him, Jimmie is subjected to continuing humiliations that spur him to acts of shocking violence. Based on a factual novel by Thomas Keneally, this searing drama co-stars Jack Thompson, Angela Punch (McGregor) and Freddy Reynolds..

Year: 1978
Genre: Drama, Australian Film, Based on..., Racial Intolerance
Country: Australia
Director: Fred Schepisi
Starring: Tommy Lewis, Angela Punch McGregor, Jack Thompson, Freddy Reynolds
Duration: 117 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence, sexual references and offensive language.
Location in store: Australian Film



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