Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord - Parts 9 to 12: Terror of the Vervoids

In 'Terror of the Vervoids', The Doctor (Colin Baker), in a desperate bid to clear his name, presents videotaped evidence that he and his companion, Mel (Bonnie Langford), used the Laws of Time to rescue the passengers of the spaceliner Hyperion III from the Vervoids, a species of voracious plants. But the Valeyard (Michael Jayston), determined to condemn the Doctor for violating the rules of the Time Lords, insists that the images on the videotape do not correspond with the actual facts. Curiously, both the Doctor and the Valeyard are telling the truth...

Year: 1986
Genre: TV Cult, TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
Country: UK
Director: Chris Clough
Starring: Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford
Duration: 175 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains violence.
Location in store: Cult (TV)



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