Takin' Over the Asylum

Eddie McKenna is a double-glazing salesman who moonlights as a DJ for hospital radio in a Scottish mental asylum. He nurtures close friendships with the patients there including Francine, a self-harmer, schizophrenic Fergus, OCD sufferer Rosaline and Campbell, a manic depressive, with whom he shares a dream to make it onto the commercial radio scene. This engrossing comedy/drama explores the issues surrounding mental health with sensitivity and black humour. It helped launch the careers of stars Ken Stott ('Rebus') and David Tennant ('Doctor Who').

Year: 1994
Genre: TV Comedy, TV Drama, Television Shows, Special Editions, Black Humour, As Seen on TV - Comedy
Country: UK
Director: David Blair
Starring: Angus MacFadyen, Ruth McCabe, Ken Stott, David Tennant, Katy Murphy, Elizabeth Spriggs
Duration: 306 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



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