Murder in Mind: Series 1

Murder appears in many forms - cold-blooded, sadistic, compassionate, obsessive, accidental - some killers are caught; others remain free, while some are tortured in a purgatory of remorse. In each of these chilling, self-contained stories, the viewer is led to the edge of an abyss and told to step into the unknown. Through the eyes of the killer, this BBC thriller explores the psychology of the darkest and most compelling of human crimes. The fantastic cast includes David Suchet, Kevin Whately and Timothy West.

Year: 2001
Genre: TV Thrillers, Special Editions, As Seen On TV - Suspense
Country: UK
Director: Coky Giedroyc, Ferdinand Fairfax, Nick Jones
Starring: David Suchet, Keith Allen, Timothy West, Kevin Whately
Duration: 411 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Violence and content that may disturb
Location in store: Thriller (TV)



Special Edition

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