Wellington Fringe Film Festival - A Retrospective Collection

These 20 films have been selected from over 1200 shorts screened throughout the Wellington Fringe Film Festival's 20 year history. This DVD provides a unique opportunity for a new audience to view and appreciate these innovative films once again. Walk Short (1987), The Minute (1992), Ends Meet (1992), Dream Makers (1992), Lenny Minute (1993), Sweetness (1993), Olives (1994), Australia Day (1995), Decaff (1995), Permanent Wave (1996), O Tamaiti (1996), Unfurnished Room for Rent (1997), Shoes (1997), Delf (1997), Playing Possum (1998), Fizz (2000), Thanking the Sun (2000), The Pen (2001), Man with Issues (2003), and Sweet as Candy (2003).

Year: 2007
Genre: NZ Short Films, Short Film Festival, Made in New Zealand
Country: NZ
Director: Various
Duration: 166 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Short Film Festival



Permanent Collection

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