Show Me Shorts Film Festival: Volume 2

Show Me Shorts is an annual national film festival bringing the best Kiwi and Australian short films to New Zealand cinemas. This DVD contains a selection of the top 17 short films from the festival in 2008 and 2009. Included titles: 'Serial Killer'; 'Before Closing'; 'Noise Control'; 'Betty Banned Sweets'; 'Chalk'; 'Fish 'n Chip Shop'; 'One Shoe Short'; 'Eel Girl'; 'Road Rage'; 'Take 3'; 'Poppy'; 'Just Like the Others'; 'P.U.A.'; 'Sole Mates'; 'Isosceles'; 'A Break in the Monotony' and 'Coffee & Allah'.

Year: 2010
Genre: NZ Short Films, New Zealand Film, Short Film Festival
Country: Australia, NZ
Director: Various, James Cunningham, Sima Urale
Duration: 210 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Offensive language, violence and other content that may offend.
Location in store: Short Film Festival



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