The Ascent of Money

In this six-part documentary, respected author, journalist and lecturer Professor Niall Ferguson examines the dynamic role of money as he takes you on an epic tour of the financial world. A professor in History and Business Administration at Harvard University - as well as an author of numerous books and a commentator on contemporary politics and economics, Ferguson explains how finance rose to play such a terrifyingly dominant role in all our lives. This beautifully shot documentary covers a broad spectrum of economic history from the 14th Century right up to the present day. But are you in on the secret? Do you really understand what causes a bank run, an inflationary meltdown or a stock market crash? Can you tell a sub-prime from a prime loan? Only with this historical perspective can one understand the essential truth about finance.

Year: 2008
Genre: Documentaries, General Docos, Political Docos, Docos - General
Country: UK
Director: Adrian Pennink
Starring: Niall Ferguson
Duration: 287 Minutes
Rating: PG - Drug references.
Location in store: Documentary (General)



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