The Best of Antiques Roadshow: Volume 1

Everyone has their favourite moment - the tatty old bear found under the mattress that once lived at Buckingham Palace, the cracked tea pot that eventually bought a council house, the blood spattered Boer War book that saved the life of the owner's grandfather - there are countless great stories sitting in the 'Antiques Roadshow' archives. But what brings them all to life and makes them such memorable TV? In this best of compilation, relive such classic finds with the men and women who first brought these objects to light; the team of experts who are the unsung, and largely unknown, stars of the show.

Year: 2009
Genre: Documentaries, Art On Film, Deluxe Box Sets, General Docos, Docos - Art & Architectures
Country: UK
Duration: 435 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Documentary (General)



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