The Day the Universe Changed

Presented by veteran BBC historian and science reporter James Burke, this series explores influences of discoveries and shared knowledge and perception of the Universe and man's place on it. James Burke looks at times when new knowledge or discoveries has altered that thinking and explores the cultural changes those discoveries effected. Contains the complete series: 'The Way We Are': It Started with the Greeks; 'In the Light of the Above': Medieval Conflict, Faith & Reason; 'Point of View': Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance; 'A Matter of Fact': Printing Transforms Knowledge; 'Infinitely Reasonable': Science Revises the Heavens; 'Credit Where It's Due': The Factory & Marketplace Revolution; 'What the Doctor Ordered': Social Impacts of New Medical Knowledge; 'Fit to Rule': Darwin's Revolution; 'Making Waves': The New Physics, Newton Revised; 'Worlds Without End': Changing Knowledge, Changing Reality.

Year: 1985
Genre: Documentaries, Natural History Docos, Deluxe Box Sets, General Docos, Universe & Space Docos, Historical, Docos - General
Country: Finland, France, Italy, USA, UK
Starring: James Burke
Duration: 500 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains violence.
Location in store: Documentary (General)



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