101 Things That Changed the World

A collection of 5 History Channel documentaries. '101 Gadgets That Changed the World' - The history of the gadget is both the history of invention and the history of men's lives. What alpha male doesn't remember when they achieved mastery of the iPhone, the Swiss Army Knife, the Walkman, the condom? And while gadgets act as milestones in our personal narratives, what goes unnoticed is that gadgets can also change the course of history. '101 Inventions That Changed the World' - It starts with a spark, but some ideas catch fire and in the process change the world. Necessity is the mother of invention from darkness, man found light (the candle) and from even the farthest distances we can still find each other (the telephone). '101 Weapons That Changed the World' - From the catapult to the stealth fighter, the most basic and the most complex weapons alike have changed the course of history and with it, our world. '101 Objects That Changed the World' - Our lives are so full of stuff these days that the average object is instantly forgettable. But, when fate and history combine, even the simplest of objects become infused with destiny so much so that they actually change the world. '101 Fast Foods That Changed the World' - Across borders, cultures and time, food is one thing that all people share. And from the time of the caveman to today's spaceman, we like our food to go. While the burger and fries reign supreme in the world of fast food.

Year: 2014
Genre: Documentaries, Deluxe Box Sets, General Docos, Historical
Country: USA
Duration: 423 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Documentary (General)



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The Ascent of Man (1973)

Regarded as one of television's greatest achievements, Dr Jacob Bronowski traces the steps of scient...

Thomas Edison: Father of Invention (1995)

Life in the modern world would be unthinkable without his inventions. More than any other individual...

Guns, Germs and Steel (2005)

Based on the Pulitzer prize-winning best seller by Jared Diamond, this documentary explores the conn...

Clash of the Geniuses: Inventing the Impossible (2004)

In the 20th century, while Marconi, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse managed to cap...

The Day the Universe Changed (1985)

Presented by veteran BBC historian and science reporter James Burke, this series explores influences...

Terry Jones Collection 1: Ancient Inventions (2007)

Monty Python star Terry Jones hosts 'Ancient Inventions', a three-part documentary series presenting...

History of the World in Two Hours (2011)

This landmark television special cuts 13.7 billion years of history down to size. In just 88 minutes...