Boy A

A hauntingly ruminative tale of redemption and the pain of starting over, based on the novel by Jonathan Trigell. Jack is a young ex-con desperate to put his violent past behind him and start life fresh. He moves to Manchester where he sees case worker Terry (Peter Mullan) who is trying to help him make the transition into society. Soon he attracts the attention of a pretty co-worker and things seem to be going Jack's way, but the past is not as easy to shed as he had hoped. Suspenseful, thought-provoking and brutally honest, this sophomore feature from Irish director John Crowley ('Intermission') pulls no punches.

Year: 2007
Genre: Drama, Drama Romance, Based on..., Time in Prison, Film Festivals 2009, Drama
Country: UK
Director: John Crowley
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Peter Mullan, Siobhan Finneran, Skye Bennett, Alfie Owen
Duration: 106 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Violence, offensive language, sex scenes and content that may disturb.
Location in store: Drama



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