The Green Mile ( Blu-ray )

This superlative adaptation of Stephen King's novel is from the writer and director of 'The Shawshank Redemption', Frank Darabont. Tom Hanks is the head guard in a Louisiana prison's death row in the 1930s who discovers that kindly convicted murderer Michael Clarke Duncan possesses a magical healing power.

Year: 1999
Genre: Drama, Time in Prison, Supernatural, Stephen King, Blu-ray Discs
Country: USA
Director: Frank Darabont
Starring: Bonnie Hunt, David Morse, Graham Greene, Harry Dean Stanton, James Cromwell, Patricia Clarkson, Sam Rockwell, Tom Hanks, Michael Jeter, Michael Clarke Duncan, Barry Pepper, Doug Hutchison, Jeffrey DeMunn
Duration: 188 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence.
Location in store: Drama



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