Doctor Who: The End of Time (Parts 1 & 2) (2009 Winter Specials)

David Tennant's extraordinarily popular run as the tenth Doctor ends here with this two-parter, "The End of Time". Part 1 - Christmas Eve, and the Doctor is reunited with Wilf, to face the return of an old enemy. Part 2 - The Doctor faces the end of his life, as the Master's victory unleashes the greatest terror of all. With Bernard Cribbins, John Simm and Timothy Dalton.

Year: 2010
Genre: TV Cult, TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, Television Shows
Country: UK
Director: Euros Lyn
Starring: Bernard Cribbins, Timothy Dalton, John Simm, David Tennant, Matt Smith
Duration: 131 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains violence.
Location in store: Sci-fi / Fantasy (TV)



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