Doctor Who: Series 5, Volume 4

Episodes 10-13. In 'Vincent and the Doctor' terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence, but only a sad and lonely painter can see it. Amy Pond finds herself shoulder to shoulder with Vincent van Gogh, in a battle with a deadly alien. But can even the Doctor save Vincent? Guest star Tony Curran. In 'The Lodger' people are disappearing on Aickman Road, and the Doctor must solve the mystery of a staircase that people walk up, but never down. In the final two episodes of the season - 'The Pandorica Opens' and 'The Big Bang' - there is a message on the oldest cliff-face in the universe, a puzzle box opening from the inside and a love that lasts thousands of years....the fates are drawing close around the Tardis, is this the day the Doctor falls?

Year: 2010
Genre: TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
Country: UK
Starring: Karen Gillan, Matt Smith
Duration: 203 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Cult (TV)



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