From the creators of the Emmy winning miniseries 'Tin Man' comes a breathtaking reimagining of Lewis Carroll's timeless 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'. After her fiance is kidnapped, judo instructor Alice Hamilton (Caterina Scorsone) chases his abductors and tumbles into the fantastical Wonderland where she discovers humans are drained of their valuable emotions. With the Queen (Kathy Bates) hot on her trail, Alice isn't certain which of the many characters of Wonderland she can trust to help her escape and maintain a level head. With Andrew Lee Potts, Matt Frewer, Tim Curry and Harry Dean Stanton.

Year: 2009
Genre: TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, Fantasy Films
Country: Canada, UK
Director: Nick Willing
Starring: Colm Meaney, Harry Dean Stanton, Kathy Bates, Matt Frewer, Tim Curry, Andrew Lee Potts, Caterina Scorsone, Philip Winchester
Duration: 170 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence.
Location in store: Sci-fi / Fantasy (TV)



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