Prince Valiant

Young Prince Valiant (Robert Wagner), son of the exiled King of Scandia, journeys to Camelot to become a knight at King Arthur's Round Table. He hopes to help his father reclaim his throne from the pagan usurper Sligon and restore the Christian faith to their homeland. On his journey he stumbles on the mysterious Black Knight plotting with the Viking pretender to overthrow Arthur. Barely escaping with his life, Valiant encounters Sir Gawaine (Sterling Hayden), a friend of his fathers who tutors the young Viking in the skills needed to become a knight. Valiant and Gawaine's pupil/mentor relationship is complicated by their romantic involvement with Princess Aleta (Janet Leigh) and her sister Ilene (Debra Paget), daughters of a British nobleman. If Valiant is to restore his father's throne and prevent the coup d'etat against Arthur, he must uncover the true identity of the Black Knight.

Year: 1954
Genre: Classic Drama, Classic Adventure, Classic Cinema
Country: USA
Director: Henry Hathaway
Starring: Debra Paget, James Mason, Janet Leigh, Robert Wagner, Sterling Hayden
Duration: 100 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Classic Adventure



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