Great National Parks of the World

Across the world, the most beautiful and special places have been preserved and set aside as national parks, so we and future generations can enjoy their teeming wildlife and natural splendour. Now, Reader's Digest has made a DVD collection that will take you around the globe to 13 of the most amazing of these marvellous sanctuaries. In gorgeous film and fascinating narration, you'll visit rugged inlets where towering glacial rivers of blue ice crash into the sea, soar high into a lush rain forest above Costa Rica's clouds, stroll on a lunar-like beach at the Giant's Causeway, come face to face with rare wildlife, dive with jewel-like shoals of tropical fish on the Great Barrier Reef and more!

Year: 2000
Genre: Documentaries, Natural History Docos
Country: USA
Director: Brendan Goeckel, Stephen Eder
Duration: 168 Minutes
Rating: Ex
Location in store: Documentary (Natural History)



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