The Messenger

Wounded during the U.S.-led war in Iraq, Staff Sgt. Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) is assigned duty on an emotional battlefield: accompanying recovering alcoholic Capt. Tony Stone (Woody Harrelson) to stateside homes where they bring tragic news of soldiers killed in action to their loved ones. Montgomery ignores Stone's advice and grows close to one widow (Samantha Morton) who keys into his own pain. Jena Malone, Steve Buscemi star.

Year: 2009
Genre: Drama, War and Anti-War Films
Country: USA
Director: Oren Moverman
Starring: Jena Malone, Samantha Morton, Steve Buscemi, Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster
Duration: 112 Minutes
Rating: R13 - Contains sex scenes and offensive language.
Location in store: Drama



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