Chronicles the adventures of Muna, a single mother who leaves the West Bank with Fadi, her teenage son, with dreams of an exciting future in the promised land of small town Illinois. In America, as her son navigates high school hallways the way he used to move through military checkpoints, the indomitable Muna scrambles together a new life cooking up falafel burgers as well as hamburger at the local White Castle. Told with heartfelt humor by writer-director Cherien Dabis in her feature film debut, 'Amreeka' is a universal journey into the lives of a family of immigrants and first-generation teenagers caught between their heritage and the new world in which they now live and the bittersweet search for a place to call home.

Year: 2009
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada, USA
Director: Cherien Dabis
Starring: Alia Shawkat, Hiam Abbass
Duration: 96 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains drug use and offensive language.
Location in store: Drama



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