Weeds: Season 5

Pot-selling soccer mum Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is back - and more intoxicating than ever. Now that Nancy's operating her homegrown business south of the border, she's got a whole new crop of crazy problems - she's pregnant with the child of a powerful politician turned dangerous drug lord - or is she? Catch the buzz in these 13 irresistible episodes.

Year: 2009
Genre: TV Comedy, TV Drama, High Times, Television Shows, Special Editions
Country: USA
Starring: Mary-Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon, Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould
Duration: 345 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Violence, offensive language, drug use and sex scenes
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



Special Edition

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Weeds: Season 3 (2007)

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Weeds: Season 4 (2008)

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Leaves of Grass (2009)

A comic thriller seen through the dual perspectives of identical twins Bill and Brady Kincaid (both...

Humboldt County (2008)

Peter Hadley (Jeremy Strong), an uptight and disillusioned medical student, is failed by one of his...

Weeds: Season 6 (2010)

It's going to be a wild ride! In the complete sixth season of acclaimed series "Weeds", Nancy and he...

Weeds: Season 7 (2011)

After serving three years in the joint, the onetime suburban soccer mom is making a fresh start in N...

Weeds: Season 8 (2012)

The final season. The last time we saw Nancy and the Botwins, it was through the scope of a hit man'...

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