Came a Hot Friday

In 1949 Wes and his sidekick Cyril are conmen eking out a meagre living by scamming small-town bookies. They arrive in Tainui and go to work with the help of gullible local, Don. They actually make some money, more by luck than judgement, but when Wes wins a very large amount of money gambling at the villainous Sel Bishop's illicit casino, Sel manages to avoid paying up. Wes and company join forces with the bizarre "Mexican" bandit, the Tainui Kid, and set out to get Wes's money back. The second, after 'Goodbye Pork Pie', New Zealand feature to reach $1 million at the box office.

Year: 1984
Genre: Comedy, New Zealand Film
Country: NZ
Director: Ian Mune
Starring: Billy T James, Peter Bland, Philip Gordon
Duration: 102 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level offensive language.
Location in store: New Zealand Film



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