Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 1

The Doctor returns, alongside newlyweds Amy and Rory, to face monsters and mysteries and adventures across all time and space. Together they find themselves in Sixties America, battling the invasion the world forgot, then journey on the high seas of 1696 aboard a pirate ship, to solve the mystery of the Siren. In a bubble universe at the very edge of reality, the Doctor meets an old friend with a new face, and in a monastery on a remote island in the near future, an industrial accident takes on a terrible human shape. And waiting for them, at the end of all this, is the battle of Demon's Run, and the Doctor's darkest hour. Can even the truth about River Song save the Time Lord's soul? Only two things are certain. Silence will fall. And a good man is going to die... Episodes: 'The Impossible Astronaut', 'Day of the Moon', 'The Curse of the Black Spot', 'The Doctor's Wife', 'The Rebel Flesh', 'The Almost People' and 'A Good Man Goes to War'.

Year: 2011
Genre: TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, Special Editions
Country: UK
Starring: Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith
Duration: 342 Minutes
Rating: PG - Violence
Location in store: Cult (TV)



Special Edition

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