Any Questions for Ben?

Lighthearted comedy romp from writer/director Rob Sitch ("The Castle", "The Dish"). For 27-year-old Ben (Josh Lawson), life couldnt be better. A well paid job, friends, parties, girls and nothing to tie him down. But when he is invited back to his old school to join several other ex-students in talking about their personal achievements, something goes wrong. Ben is the only speaker not to be asked a question by the school kids. This triggers a year of soulsearching and looking for answers in all the wrong places. Of course, its not easy seeking enlightenment in nightclubs, or on the ski fields of New Zealand, and when you start dating a Russian tennis star things can get really complicated. As the poster boy for a generation desperate to tick every box, Ben begins to suspect that the meaning of life may well reside in the things he's already doing - and a girl he used to know...

Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Australian Film
Country: Australia
Director: Rob Sitch
Starring: Rachael Taylor, Daniel Henshall, Josh Lawson, Felicity Ward, Christian Clark
Duration: 114 Minutes
Rating: M - Sex scenes and offensive language
Location in store: Australian Film



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